Recent stuff



like someone drowning, 2021

A friend resting after a long adventure, dressing their wounds, 2020

the ones to revolutionize the world, 2019the interface accompanying this installation can be accessed here. Music will auto-play upon opening.

Two dogs wanted to go on a walk, so I dressed up this one —, 2018

— and this one, 2018

A-kun and U-chan Revolutionize the World, 2017

Help me buy a gun, 2017

games and interfaces

360 editz, ongoing

METAhome 2019

battle at the center of yr heart, 2018


"What You Can Actually Do in the Metaverse Right Now", on Immerse

"Souls as a service", on KRITIQAL

Non-Random Name Generator

No war crimes in chat on KRITQAL, 2021

Collected Documents from a Year at The Rickets, 2021

"Cuties, Buried in the Waste" for KRITIQAL's Forgotten games essay jam


Untitled Turn-A Gundam digital painting, 2021

We have defended this land for eons, leave now before there is bloodshed
silkscreen print, 2019

We Love Computer!
silkscreen print, 2018

ROCKET PUNCH "Heh, I wasn't even trying"
intaglio print, 2018

i am cute, cool, and powerful and i want 2 protect every1 i luv
intaglio print, 2018


I make (fan)art while looking at fiction. This fiction discusses different kinds of struggle and the resulting contradictions, losses, and connections from that struggle. The things I make can end up as objects, writings, games, installation, zines, video, animation, music, or digital interfaces. My work investigates the kind of struggle already presented for a knowing audience (fandom), extends it for a new audience, and also places the actors and images from the fiction in entirely new circumstances. I am dedicated to interrogating struggle of the past and current moment, both historical and imagined, to propose a better collective future through these investigations.